Green Waste Verge Collection

Green Waste Collection Tree Arbourist

As part of your council rates most City Councils offer households the opportunity to have their green waste collected twice a year. Once in the winter and once in the spring.

Households will be notified by the Council prior to each collection about important dates relating to the collection. Details can be found on your Council's website. links to Perth City Councils are offerred right of screen.

With good planning households can avoid the cost of hiring a skip, using their tip pass or incurring a tipping fee and processing costs. Using Dan in conjunction with green waste collection offered by your Council can save you a substantial amount.

It is worth noting that all green waste collected during verge side collection is recycled, significantly reducing the amount of green waste going to landfill each year.

Due to the tight collection window of each verge collection it is worth booking Dan well in advance. This will give enough time to complete the quote if required and enable the work to be completed within the Council's alotted dates for verge side collection.


Please call Dan on: 0410 42 40 42